101 Cider House

We are LA’s first local cider house. We craft incredibly healthy and delicious ciders, fun and interesting craft beverages that speak to those who understand the LA lifestyle.

All of our ingredients are sourced from growers who are located along US Route 101. Orchardists, farmers, botanists, defenders of the land…..we support you all!

In the fall of 2013. we found ourselves in the midst of a cider renaissance that was exploding across the US and beyond. Here we are in California, one of the greatest beverage cultures that exists anywhere in the world. First it was wine, then craft beer, and now California cider is becoming a hot commodity. For what is typically known to be a distinctly regional beverage, it makes sense that cider houses are popping up in many great US cities. Think Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, Denver, Chicago, New York. We wondered why Los Angeles, which is central to Southern California’s apple growing communities, did not have a local cider brand to call it’s own.

And so, with a passion and a purpose in mind, we bring you 101 Cider House.

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