Anna’s Cider

In 2017, husband and wife team, Dominic and Anna realized that the demand for dry cider was growing but that there was no cider produced in Ventura County and that the majority of ciders found on supermarket shelves were cloyingly sweet or heavy. They realized that if they wanted a pure cider that is light and clean, that they would have to produce their own cider.

Dominic, who is also a winemaker, is well aware of cellar cleanliness, fermentation, and subtlety in flavor, so the transition from winemaking to making hard cider was an easy one. The result of his initial experimentation: a delicate, dry, crisp and refreshing cider with really fresh apple aromatics.

We began production in November 2017, but one month later lost our entire business to the largest fire in California history – the devastating Thomas Fire. After losing all of our cider, equipment, and our facility, our local community rallied around us to offer support and encouragement. Humbled and thrilled by the response, we are quickly working towards rebuilding, and producing cider for our supporters.

We dubbed our new cider “Phoenix Blend” in tribute to all of those who quite literally helped us rise from the ashes. The labels feature pictures of our contributors who donated to our campaign.

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