Blindwood Cider

“Blind wood” refers to portions of branches where no buds open; there are no leaves, shoots, or spurs. It’s common to many varieties and in old, long-abandoned fruit trees. For farmers and cultivators, this is an undesirable quality; it requires patience to cut back that branch and turn it into a productive one. For us here at Blindwood; cider is about renewing life. Often times the unproductive parts of life must be pruned to ensure that the healthy parts can flourish. To the eye of the patient horticulturalist, it means nothing but potential in the years to come.

Our cidery had its humble beginnings in a cramped garage in Hayward, CA. We’ve embraced a life long passion for home brewing, experimentation, and all growing things. We’ve learned the value of sustainable, responsible, and non-exploitive horticulture.

It’s this devotion and experience that we put into every ounce of our craft cider. We use only the best apples, and never brew from concentrate. At Blindwood Cider, we aim to wring the best draught from every branch.

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