Hemly Cider

From orchard to bottle

Grown in the delta, our ciders are made exclusively from our pears and apples. From orchard to the bottle we are working to bring you the best cider we can.

Our plan is to put all our attention and energy into perfecting one cider, done right. We started with estate grown, hand picked Bartlett pears. To add balance, we have blended in less than 40% estate grown Gala apples. We choose the Gala because of its subtle characteristics that will not overwhelm the pear, which is the real star of our cider! Crushed at the peak of ripeness, fermented, then aged in oak, gently sweetened with fresh juice and lightly carbonated, we can’t wait to share with you our California Gold!

What makes us different

Our cider is made from 100% fresh pressed fruit straight from our orchards. Unlike a lot of pear ciders on the market today, our pear cider is made from fresh pears, never artificially flavored. We do not use concentrate and control the entire process from the roots to the glass.

We know Pears

After six generations of growing pears if there is one thing you can be sure of; we know pears!


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