Indigeny Reserve Hard Cider

Co-founders Jay and Judy Watson officially opened Indigeny Reserve to the public in 2012. Indigeny Reserve is a lush 160 acre preserve and apple orchard set in the breathtaking hills of Sonora, California.  We make hand-crafted hard cider and apple brandy in oak barrels.

The family’s primary home, in Cedar Ridge, is adjacent to an 80-acre apple ranch that became the inspiration for their business. They purchased the orchards in 2005, rather than see the property developed into home sites. Some of the apple trees there date back to the early 1900s, and 51 varieties are now present, including 1,700 Honeycrisps, a super-premium eating apple, planted by the Watsons five years ago. After spending three years transitioning into an organic operation, they found that nearly half the apples were not salable. “And that’s how we got into hard cider,” said Jay. “Once we got into hard cider, began to blend it, we found that we had leftover product, and that’s how we got into brandy and vodka.”

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