Raging Cider & Mead Co.

Raging Cider and Mead has many roads which have led to its inception. The name itself was born of founders Dave & Kerry Carr’s wild days as punk rock youth in the early 1980’s. They later married and eventually settled down in the farming community of Valley Center where they built their home with their own hands and dabbled with farming their own food, including growing their own fruit trees, as well as learning about and foraging wild foods. Around 2008, Dave started experimenting with making cider and mead, partially due to Kerry’s gluten intolerence, after 20 plus years of home brewing. He fell in love with the idea of wild fermented, locally sourced ciders which has led to the creation of Raging Cider & Mead Co. All of the fruits and honey used are locally grown here in San Diego County, including apples and other fruits from Dave & Kerry’s estate orchard and farm. All their ciders & meads are produced using traditional methods, including wild fermentation of all the ciders and perrys as well as maceration and fermentation on the skins of various fruits for addition to the meads.

Raging Cider & Mead Co, besides sourcing locally, is dedicated to offering local farmers an income stream for their less than beautiful fruit and/or fruit which can not be offered for sale as food but is 100% safe and full of flavor for fermentation. The long term goal being promoting and growing localized farming with all of its benefits as well as growing their source of fruit in the years to come. In addition, they are managing two orchards within the county, working to bring them back into full production and expanding one of these orchards to increase the supply of cider apples available.

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