See Canyon Hard Cider Co.

Apples were the last thing on our mind…

That is, until we found ourselves nurturing an abandoned apple orchard back to health on our new family farm, nestled just three miles from Avila bay.  Our relationship blossomed and so did the trees.  One taste of the fruit set us in a new direction – California Hard Cider.  We hope you enjoy!

Craft California Hard Cider with apple forward flavors and complex finishes. We strive to produce hard ciders that are both approachable yet distinctive. ALL of our Ciders start with fresh pressed apples that our cider-maker Chris Lemieux field blends to taste and all of our premium products are 100% exclusive See Canyon apples. Our ciders are small batch hand-crafted here on the the Central Coast of California. We cold ferment in temperature controlled stainless tanks and our ciders are Gluten-Free and contain no added artificial sweeteners or high fructose corn syrup.

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